Rural and Urban Industrialization: Towards a Great Leap Forward The Summer School will entertain the full spectrum of issues raised in the call for papers (see below), with special interest in the following themes: Trajectories of industrialization and dependence in the peripheries. The theory of delinking and collective self-reliance today. The theory of socialist primitive

ASN Study Group 2023: Session 1

Topic: Revolution and the State Main readings: LENIN, V.I. (1965[1917]). State and Revolution. Collected Works, V.25. Moscow: For. Lang. (1–3)7–40. GRAMSCI, A. (1971). Selections from Prison Notebooks. NY: International Publishers. 229–241. MAO, T.-T. (1965[1940]). On New Democracy. In: Selected Works, Vol. 2. Peking: For. Lang. 1–34. Date & time: Wednesday, April 5th, 2023, 1 –