This is the first of a double special issue dedicated to the question of ecological transition. It is the result of ongoing efforts by the Editorial Board of Agrarian South to provide a platform for research produced by young and veteran scholars especially in the South on the grave ecological challenges of our times. Some

Agrarian South Study Group 2023

Introduction The Agrarian South Network (ASN) will convene a Study Group on the theme of ‘Socialist Transition: Problems of Delinking and Planning in the Periphery’, to be held from March to October 2023, in ten (10) online sessions. The study group will provide a space for collective reflection and learning among political activists and cadre,

SMAIAS-ASN Summer School 2023

We are very pleased to invite you all to our SMAIAS-ASN Summer School 2023, which will take place next week, 16-20 January, in Harare and online, in hybrid format. The theme this year is “Popular Movements Today: Class Struggles in Rural and Urban Peripheries“. The full programme, which includes panels and roundtable discussions, is available here.

The list of selected abstracts for our SMAIAS-ASN Summer School 2023 is out. The SMAIAS-ASN Summer School will occur in virtual format in 16–20 January 2023. The authors of selected abstracts must send their draft papers by 6 January to Papers not received by this date will not be included in the final programme.