The Agrarian South Network (ASN) is a tri-continental network of researchers and activists from Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, with an interest in land, labour, and agrarian questions and the political economy of world development. The Network was born in the early 2000s by the initiative of the late Professor Sam Moyo at the African Institute for Agrarian Studies (AIAS) in Harare, Zimbabwe, in collaboration with likeminded institutions in the three continents. The first steps of the Network were taken together with the founding of AIAS in 2002, on the basis of a larger process of cross-fertilization of South-South research initiatives led by the Third World Forum, CODESRIA, CLACSO, IDEAS, and other organizations. The network was consolidated in 2012, on the occasion of the launch of its official periodical publication, Agrarian South: Journal of Political Economy. The ASN maintains its base in the (renamed) Sam Moyo African Institute for Agrarian Studies (SMAIAS), in Harare, and today includes as its primary network partners the Centre for Agrarian Reform and Education for South (CARES), in New Delhi, and Coletivo Novo Bandung, in São Paulo, as well as many more supporting partners across the world which actively contribute to ASN activities and research projects. The Network organizes a wide array of research initiatives, learning activities, and scientific publications. Its mission is to produce innovative and interdisciplinary research on the political economy of world development with a focus on land, labour, and agrarian issues; build autonomous research capacity and debate in the South, in the intellectual traditions of the South; and cultivate South-South solidarity among the new generation of researchers and activists. The Agrarian South Network is not a legal entity and does not receive direct funding.