ASN Research Bulletin Mar-Apr 2022

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This issue examines the fate of the unseen, unheard, and permanently precarious working people in capitalism’s now obsolete march, whose uncertain destiny has been aggravated by COVID-19 crisis. Click the link to read more

Paris Yeros*Trad. Kenia Cardoso

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FM – Good Morning. Welcome to this conversation with Mwalimu Professor Issa Shivji, a development and law expert. He has worked quite a lot in Africa, in places that include the University of Dar es Salaam, Zimbabwe and South Africa.  He is one of the leading lights at CODESRIA, one of the leading research institutions

ASN Research Bulletin #10 : A New World View Editorial Theme: A New World View This tenth issue of the ASN Research Bulletin returns to foundational liberation questions regarding concrete analysis of where we are, and what is to be done. It brings together three prominent voices for liberation in far-reaching reflections on the condition

Editorial The contributions in this issue highlight on the one hand, the weakening of the traditional peasantry through ongoing processes of agricultural modernization, and on the other, sustained struggles by those who till the land to protect their ecosystems, livelihoods, and as a basis for survival. These contradictory elements that stress rural working people and

A New Bandung in the Current Crisis

Paris Yeros[1] The current crisis is a permanent crisis of monopoly capitalism (Yeros & Jha, 2020). Its precise character must continue to be interrogated as it evolves so that focused attention may be brought to the politics and solidarity that are required. This is an ever more urgent task as that the Covid-19 pandemic has

Editorial: Theme: Vaccines: global dimensions and local manifestations This issue addresses the latest debates on Covid-19 by bringing together three important contributions that situate vaccine scarcity and access in a longer structural history of medical monopoly and corporate greed. The unequal global distribution of vaccines brings to sharp focus the situation of low- and middle-income

Paris Yeros Texte traduit de l’anglais avec l’aimable autorisation du Agrarian South Network (ASN). L’ASN est un réseau tricontinental de chercheurs d’Afrique, d’Asie, d’Amérique latine et de la Caraïbe s’intéressant aux questions foncières et agraires ainsi qu’à l’économie politique du développement mondial. Ce réseau est né d’une initiative de l’African Institute for Agrarian Studies (AIAS)