Edited Books

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Short Books Series: Revolution, Liberation and Development

Agriculture and National Development

  • Agriculture and Industrial Development
  • Peasant Production and Gender Relations
  • Food Production and Nutritional Security
  • Agriculture and Climate Change

Land and Labour Relations

  • Land and Gender Relations
  • Rural Land Conflict and Land Reform
  • Agricultural Labour and Rural-Urban Migration
  • The Urban Land Question

World Economy and Crisis

  • The New Scramble for Land and Natural Resources
  • Finance Capital, MNCs and the Global Agro-Food System
  • The Climate-Energy Crisis
  • Global Commodity Chains in Agriculture

Social Movements, Sovereignty and Democracy

  • Rural Movements in Africa, Asia and Latin America
  • Trade Unions, Political Parties and the Agrarian Question
  • Gender and the Agrarian Question
  • Social Movements and the National Question