SMAIAS-ASN Summer School 2024

We are very pleased to invite you to our SMAIAS-ASN Summer School 2024, which will take place in the week of 5-9 February, in Harare and online, in hybrid format. The theme this year is “Rural and Urban Industrialization: Towards a Great Leap Forward”. We are honoured to have with us this year Professor Jayati Ghosh, who

Candidates for Samin Amin Prize 2022-23

Samir Amin Young Scholars’ Prize in Political Economy of Development Agrarian South: Journal of Political Economy, Volumes 11–12 (2022–2023) Candidates: More information on the prize and other editions can be found here.

por Paris Yeros Universidade Federal do ABC (UFABC), Brasil – Dezembro 2023 O imperialismo coletivo da Tríade (EUA-UE-Japão) evoluiu após a Segunda Guerra Mundial sob a égide dos Estados Unidos para dar coerência estratégica à expansão do capitalismo monopolista contra o Leste socialista e o Sul emergente. Seu objetivo era enfrentar resistências sem precedentes ao

by Paris Yeros Federal University of ABC (UFABC), Brazil – December 2023 The collective imperialism of the Triad (US-EU-Japan) evolved after the Second World War under the aegis of the United States to give strategic coherence to the expansion of monopoly capitalism against the socialist East and the emerging South. Its objective was to confront the unprecedented

Petition: Stop the Genocide!

Sign the petition HERE✍🏼 STOP THE GENOCIDE! FREE PALESTINE! The Agrarian South Network adds its voice to the condemnation of the genocide being perpetrated by the Zionist state against the Palestinian people with the backing of the United States and the European Union. It is unacceptable that a settler colonial state continues to exist and

Rural and Urban Industrialization: Towards a Great Leap Forward The Summer School will entertain the full spectrum of issues raised in the call for papers (see below), with special interest in the following themes: Trajectories of industrialization and dependence in the peripheries. The theory of delinking and collective self-reliance today. The theory of socialist primitive

ASN Study Group 2023: Session 1

Topic: Revolution and the State Main readings: LENIN, V.I. (1965[1917]). State and Revolution. Collected Works, V.25. Moscow: For. Lang. (1–3)7–40. GRAMSCI, A. (1971). Selections from Prison Notebooks. NY: International Publishers. 229–241. MAO, T.-T. (1965[1940]). On New Democracy. In: Selected Works, Vol. 2. Peking: For. Lang. 1–34. Date & time: Wednesday, April 5th, 2023, 1 –