Samir Amin Prize

Samir Amin Young Scholars’ Prize in Political Economy of Development

Aims & Eligibility

The Samir Amin Prize has been established by the Editorial Board of Agrarian South in honour of Amin’s outstanding intellectual achievements. Amin's path-breaking contributions to the study of the world economy and the challenges faced by the peoples of the South have been a vital inspiration to generations of intellectuals and popular movements.

Amin's lifelong efforts to create the conditions for autonomous intellectual work in the South have been a source of encouragement and support to our Network. Amin was a committed supporter of our periodical journal, Agrarian South.

The Prize is awarded every two years to an author whose article has been published in the journal and is either a postgraduate student or received a postgraduate degree (Masters or Doctorate) within five years of publication of the article. Eligible articles must be single-authored. Consideration for the Prize is subject to confirmation of eligibility and interest in participation.

Prize winners

Manish Kumar, India’s Rice Export: What is in it for Farmers? 🔗 2018-19
Fabiano Escher, Class Dynamics of Rural Transformation in Brazil: A Critical Assessment of the Current Agrarian Debate 🔗 2020-21
Max Ajl, Theories of Political Ecology: Monopoly Capital Against People and the Planet 🔗 2022-23